Ballet training provides the basis for all dance styles. This unique process which gradually develops the body in the most balanced, and graceful manner has also proven to be essential in many other physical activities such as gymnastics and figure skating. Ballet is greatly beneficial for improving posture, achieving proper coordination; and can enhance any lifestyle. Each of our ballet classes consists of a variety of exercises including barre-work, centre practise, stretching, adagio, allegro, port de bras and pirouette combinations. The length and difficulty of each class is appropriate for age and physical ability.

We believe that a young child’s experience in the Ballet School should be a positive and nurturing one. Each child is encouraged to reach their full potential, building confidence while encouraging self discipline and good manners. Older children and those wishing to prepare for a career in dance will greatly benefit from the careful and individual training provided by our world class teachers. Many teachers can pass along steps, but a truly experienced, professional teacher can guide a young dancer through the gradual process of training their body to a level were it is technically strong, allowing freedom of movement and the capability of executing even the most rigorous exercises with grace and style. A good teacher also understands the honor and etiquette of the art, which must be preserved and continued through new generations. We believe that in building the students self-esteem, we will not only enable them to take chances and reach higher goals, but we can help build strong confident people who will excel in everyday life.

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