Code of Etiquette

To ensure that your child gains the most from his or her ballet classes it is advised that you review our expectations.

Students should arrive at least 5 minutes before class to prepare themselves appropriately.

Students should be picked up no more than 10 minutes after their class has ended.

Students hair must be neat and in place.  Longer hair must be in a bun before entering the dance studio.  Loose hair interferes with our students’ progress as it takes their minds off dancing and wastes time.

Proper dance attire must be worn at all times.

No jewellery in class.

A positive tone should be observed at all times in the studio and in the changing room. Loud talking and fooling around are not acceptable.

Leave all valuables and money at home.  We cannot be responsible for lost items.

Students must receive permission before dance classes are taken elsewhere.

Students must receive permission before taking part in any external dance performance.

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